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Monday, February 26, 2001

FIRE ADE2000©, A New Era in Fire Protection

By: Chief Craig C. Clarke Safety Editor

Yes, you can be equipped with one of the hottest products (sorry for the pun) available in the battle of fire protection. I am excited to talk about a new product, FIRE ADE 2000©, the ultimate fire quencher. This product comes to you from the original inventor of a similar product back in 1986, Ron Thames. In side by side comparisons with other traditional extinguishing agents, FIRE ADE 2000© blows away the competition, and the hazard! This product was designed to combat Class “A” (Ordinary combustibles) and Class “B” (Flammable Liquid) fires, but is also extremely effective on Class “C” (De-energized Electrical) as well as Class “D” (Combustible metals)›. It was developed for high hazard areas such as industrial & commercial settings, fire department & hazardous materials response, and any areas where fire poses a risk. This red colored liquid is non hazardous, non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-carcinogenic, biodegradable & environmentally friendly.

FIRE ADE 2000© works by reducing heat, eliminating oxygen through “foaming”, and emulsifying the potential hazard and eliminating vapor release rendering the hazard non-flammable. In addition, it interrupts the chemical chain reaction by disrupting the “Free Radicals” produced during combustion. It makes flammable liquids incapable of sustaining ignition or re-ignition which is important especially on large area or mutidimentional fires. Traditional “Foams” work by creating a blanket which prevents explosive vapors from reaching oxygen and an ignition source. FIRE ADE2000© totally encapsulates and emulsifies the fuel or hazard so that there are NO explosive vapors. The best part of this system is its Environmentally friendly approach. Run-off of the hazard and the product are totally biodegradable, and does not pose a threat to the environment or wildlife.

Here’s the greatest part, It has NO SHELF LIFE! This agent can be left out in the sun, or stored in the dark with no worry about separation or spoilage as with other traditional foams. It can be mixed into existing water tanks/systems, or it can be used with the various pre-engineered systems from the manufacturer including small hand-held units that can be used around the home, auto or any place that you can carry them. I have seen many products come and go, but I have to say that this one is truly amazing. Is it possible that we have finally found an answer to those impossible to put out fires that you read about every day? I think that this is a BIG first step.

›(Concentrate Only)

(EDITORS NOTE: Chief Craig C. Clarke owns and operates TRACK RESCUE FIRE DEPT. A veteran Firefighter/EMT & Fire Chief, with over 20 years experience, He is a national advocate to improve motorsports, has served as an expert witness, and has written various articles on motorsports safety.)

© & Craig C. Clarke, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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